Welp, there’s a FREE Tecate tasting today at Duane Reade in Williamsburg. 

Where? Bedford Ave and N3rd, possibly at other locations but I have no idea. I tried googling “Free Tecate tasting at Duane Reade” and surprise surprise nothing came up.

Why? Um, well, uh, jeeze. I dunno, why not. Who doesn’t want to taste some Mexican beer in a pharmacy? Totally normal.

Anywhoo, it’s 5-7pm so go…drink…be merry.


Lets all try and get Justin Timberlake to make some music again. 

Alpha Dog was awful.



This is not a free event but if you go before 7pm, it’s only $10 and it’s worth your money.

They’ve got:

Swimming in the city!  3 dumpster pools (cleanliness is supreme and chlorified)

Reggie Watts, Small Black, Lemonade, and DJ madness. 

Massages, zero gravity chairs, and a Redhook Lobster truck

PLUS, after midnight, clothing is optional in the pools. Is this enticing? I’m not entirely sure, but it will certainly be entertaining.

This is the last weekend. Located in the very accessible, Long Island City,
Subways— 7, G at Court Street — N, Q at Queensboro Plaza — E, M at 23rd street

26-01 Jackson Ave. 
Long Island City, Queens, NY



I smell a comeback.

Who wants to be funemployed? 




SOUL CLAP TONIGHT at Glasslands.

And it’s free this time with an open bar from 12-1!!!!!! Horray for free booze.

If you really dance it up, you could win $100 to support your personal funemployent fund (i.e. peanut butter and jelly for a month! yes!).

Here’s little soulspiration (yes, it’s a word starting….now)


Don’t forget to RSVP.


Funemployment Club can count many a writer as a super platinum lifetime member, seeing as pursuing a career in writing is akin to majoring in Philosophy or Urban Forrestry (there’s really no way it’s going to make your parents happy, but it might impress the ladies…at least initially, until they find out you’re still living in your parents basement eating cup o’noodles for breakfast.) The benefit is that you can be a pseudo-intellectual which allows you to quote Kafka and tell your friends you’re working on a novel.

So if you consider yourself a member of the literati, head over to Spike Hill tonight to hear some short fiction from your unpublished writer neighbors, as they read in front of a panel of judges (including a guy from the New Yorker who you could try to obnoxiously con into hiring you!). 

Meanwhile, enjoy cheap drinks from Heineken. The L Magazine says it all: ”we’ll expect to see you there, supporting new writing and beer, without which there would be no new writing.” Amen to that.


Thank god for cans of decent tasting beer. We’re getting pretty sick of PBR and that mysterious Cream Ale. We also enjoy hot dogs that are free (as opposed to Crif Dog’s wonderous $6 dollar bacon-wrapped gems that make us so broke so quickly), so this event sounds like something we pretty much have to go to. Looks like it’s gonna be a goooooood summer, folks. 



This weekend marks the season opening of Rooftop Films, one of our favorite Summer event series. Every weekend, Rooftop puts on curated film screenings, indie premiers, and animation showcases in different unconventional locations around the city (last year we saw a screening of the Godfather Part 2 on the roof of a high school in the Lower East Side and needless to say, it was awesome).

The festival opens this year with THIS IS WHAT WE MEAN BY SHORT FILMS, which features 9 short films from around the world and a music performance by Dustin Wong who apparently does some kind of ambient/techno/funk rock DJ stuff (we just put together a bunch of genres in that description but have no idea what he actually sounds like…). Good news is the screening will take place in that same LES high school, which is covered with amazing graffiti and has views of the city from above (oooooh).

Check out the rest of the summer line-up here

**FUNEMPLOYMENT TIP: If you sign up for Rooftop’s email newsletter, they will send you a voucher for a free screening! Yup, you can save yourself a good 10 bucks to spend on booze later. 


SPOTTED on a recent trip to a Walmart in Seacaucus, New Jersey (don’t ask, it’s complicated): PAJAMA JEANS. Yes, it’s true. We proud Americans have taken the jegging trend one step further to suggest that never should we ever have to go through the unnecessary effort of taking off our pants. Think about it: You wake up in the morning and have to remove your comfy elastic-waist jammies to change into denim torture pants that constrain your body with their stupid real pockets and snaps?!? Fear no more, America. Now you can roll out of bed and continue rolling straight to the office (assuming you have a job, which you don’t) without putting forth any effort at all! And when you get home after a long day of not moving (or let’s be real, not going anywhere) YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PUT ON YOUR PAJAMAS BECAUSE YOU’RE ALREADY WEARING THEM. If we just blew your mind, it’s because this is the most revolutionary invention since phone fingers. Thank you pajama jeans for helping us be lazy fatties even while we’re sleeping.

Order your very own pajama jeans now….from your bed!!!!!



Friday, May 6th 2011

This concert is FREE & open to the public, ALL AGES!

The bands that will perform include Lightning Bolt, Pterodactyl, Ducktails, and The So So Glows. There will also be a DJ battle between “Brooklyn” and “the Bronx” with DJ Jules Verne and DJ Juan Farrakhan. The 26th Annual Strawberry Festival is this Friday, May 6, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., and will take place on LaGuardia Place between West 3rd and 4th Streets. For more information, visit the festival’s facebook page.